About Us

A journey to the Chinese language.

Hanpath is a language-learning app that helps you learn Chinese characters and words quickly for HSK.


The Hanpath team was founded by two friends from the Tongji university in Shanghai. One of them, a student learning the HSK as a student exchange, the other, a native speaker who wanted to help others with their Chinese. They created this app as an easy way to memorize new characters and words without getting frustrated.

Our team

Hanpath’s team is small and nimble. We are fully bootstrapped and we work remotely. We are focused on creating the best learning experience for Chinese students.

Haley Lu

Haley Lu

Founder - CEO

Haley is a voracious traveler who loves to explore new places and cultures. She studied business at Tongji university in Shanghai where she volunteers for the international department to help foreign students learn about China and its language.

Heinrich Tremblay

Heinrich Tremblay

Founder - Engineering & Design

Coder by day, Chinese learner by night 🌙 Heinrich studied at Tongji University where he decided to move from Canada to Shanghai to work on Hanpath. When you run into a bug on the app, he’s very sorry ehh!