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be enough to

Related Words

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
2kě yǐcan, may
2suǒ yǐso, therefore
2tī zú qiúplay football (soccer)
3yǐ qiánearlier times
4with, by means of
4yǐ wéithink
5bù zúinsufficiency; be less than
5mǎn zúbe satisfied, satisfy
5yǐ jíand, as well as
5yǐ láiperiod of time since
6chōng zúadequate, sufficient, abundant
6huà shé tiān zúruin the effect by adding something superfluous
6jǔ zú qīng zhòngplay a decisive role
6lì zúgain a foothold, base oneself upon
6quán lì yǐ fùgo all out, spare no effort, do one's utmost
6shí zúout-and-out
6wēi bù zú dàonot worth mentioning, too trivial or insignificant to mention
便6yǐ biànso that, in order that
6yǐ miǎnlest
6yǐ wǎngbefore, formerly, past
6yǐ zhìdown to, up to, so … that …
6yǐ zhìso that, with the result that
6zhī zú cháng lècontentment brings happiness