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fǎn wèn




ask back, ask a question in a reply

Related Words

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
2wèn tíquestion, problem
4fǎn duìoppose, act against
4xiāng fǎnon the contrary; contrary, opposite
5fǎn éron the contrary, instead
5fǎn yìngreaction; respond, react
5fǎn fùrepeatedly; vacilate
5fǎn yìngreflect, make known
5fǎn zhèngall the same, anyway
5tí wènask question
5wéi fǎnviolate, run counter to
5wèn hòusend greeting
5xué wenknowledge
5xún wènask about, enquire
5yí wèndoubt, question
6fǎn bóretort, refute
6fǎn chángunusual, abnormal
6fǎn gǎndisgusted; antipathy
6fǎn kàngrevolt, resist
6fǎn kuìfeed back
6fǎn miànnegative, opposite; reverse side, back
6fǎn shèreflect
6fǎn sīthink back to something that happened, recollect
6fǎn zhīon the other hand, conversely
访6fǎng wènvisit
6gù wènconsultant, adviser
6guò wènconcern oneself with, take an interest in
6wèi wènexpress sympathy and solicitude for
6wèn shìbe published, come out